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Landro and Speech Pathology

Landro play analyzer is a presentation system for the study of video. Landro records video into digital files, and you "tag" the sections you want - during the recording, or afterwards. We call these sections "plays" (that is, playback segments), and Landro excels at getting you right to the plays you want to analyze in less than a second - no more clumsy fast-forwarding and rewinding. Now you can spend time analyzing performance instead of searching through videotapes and trying to log specifics.

When you tag your plays, you can also catalog these by any categories you choose. A category could be any particular technique or behavior you want to study and analyze. Once plays are classified, you and your students can quickly and easily move from example to example, searching through hundreds of plays in less than a second.

Landro lets teachers spend their time planning, reviewing performance and discovering critical video support for individual students or to present themes to the whole classes. In the training of speech-language pathologists, Landro allows these student practitioners the opportunity to review their own clinical sessions, identifying effective techniques and analyzing techniques that require additional practice. "Repetition is the mother of skill," and Landro lets teachers and students alike focus on the valuable teaching moments buried within all that video.

Watch a quick video: Helping Kids with Speech Disorders
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