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Spend More Time Studying Key Highlights...

Landro allows clinicians, educators and instructors to record students in their clinical or practice sessions and then “call up” only the important video segments for study or review. Now you can spend more time analyzing performance instead of searching through hours of oridinary Windows Media videos.  With Landro's "smart video technology", instructors and students plan and review video much faster than with ordinary digital video,  providing more effective critical support for students and their clients.

Landro software was built from the ground up for training and analysis of important skills, seeing what key highlights of your actual performance looks like so you can make corrections before the next recording session.  Counselors, speech-language pathologists, nurses, medical practitionars, courtroom proceedings and mircoscopic surgerical recordings can all benefit from using Landro 'smart video" technology.  Thes practitioners now have the opportunity to review their own recording sessions and identify techniques that work, as well as those that require additional practice.



Find the important key highlights in your Landro digital recordings!

Jump to certain parts of a video session by keyword, or call up session videos by what you’re teaching in the classroom and see how well skills are developing. Once Landro has indexed the tags, they can be called up in less than a second!

Landro's unique analysis tool scans through an hour of video in seconds calling up the important video segments that can help you analyze your clients and your students.

The Landro lets instructors create “keyword catalogs” for specific classes they’re teaching. For example, educators working with student clinicians might be interested in identifying every instance when the student asked an open-ended question. Or speech clinicians might want to identify each time a client with a fluency disorder exhibited a prolongation, part-word repetition or whole-repetition. Simply add those keywords to the choices and you have your own custom catalog.

 Landro is loaded with all the benefits you'll want to make video a powerful tool for study and presentation.


Start getting smarter...faster watching Landro video!   To see a private web demo of Landro, register here:  Click to register.




Read our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more...

To discuss your facility's video play analysis needs and get a quote, please contact Landro Sales to arrange a call 724-766-1887.

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