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Landro Products

Landro Personal Edition is our flagship play analyzer: a powerful tool to let anyone easily study and learn from video on a computer. Import video from a variety of camcorders and other sources, play it back, tag the important parts quickly or in detail, and enjoy instant retrieval of these tagged sections for closer study or review. more...

Landro Student Edition is a companion version of our play analyzer, for use in schools where Landro is part of the curriculum or an athletic program. more...

Landro Presenter is a playback-only companion to either Landro play analyzer, as an inexpensive presentation tool on a different computer. Present video in front of a class or a team. more...

Not sure which version of Landro to buy? Check our feature comparison chart.
To discuss your facility's video play analysis needs and get a quote, please contact Landro Sales to arrange a call, Melissa at 724.766.1887..

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