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Landro Support Center

Landro play analyzer was designed to be easy to use, so you won't need much help! But when you have questions or problems, we stand behind our products, working hard to make sure that you have the best possible experience with getting smarter watching video.

Within these support pages, you will find a variety of short Landro "how-to" videos to quickly introduce you to the essential concepts, along with Landro manuals to give you more detailed information. We also include Frequently Asked Questions pages to let you quickly answer questions you may have.

Each week, the Landro support team offers free Landro Web Workshops for Landro, presented as live web meetings you can join from your web browser. One of our university project representatives presents the basics of using Landro, after which an open question-and-answer period closes out the session. Visit our sign-up page to register for the next session!

If you have questions or problems that aren't answered on this web site, ask us! Send an e-mail to We try to answer all questions sent to this address within one business day. In your message, please include your school name, your Landro product and its activation code or serial number, along with a description of the problem.

Landro 2010 Training Videos

Landro video

Introducing Landro
A one-minute video introduction to Landro Personal Edition software

Marking Plays
Mark the sections of video most important to you

Tagging Play Information
Mark information about plays

All Landro 2010 videos...

Landro 2010 Documentation

Landro User's Guide

Landro 2010 User's Guide
User documentation for the Landro 2010 play analyzer software.

Frequently Asked Questions

All Landro documents...


Looking for support for older Landro products? Our legacy product support pages still contain the answers you need!

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